BHBF 2016 Event – May

Registration for the BHBF May bank holiday is now open and ready for sign ups, please see the advanced ticket page.

this event will run from Friday 29th April until the 2nd May 2016,
We plan to have two oval tracks this year for the 1/5th due to requests. A slightly smaller technical track will be available for 1/5th & 1/8th scale RC’s.

Full food will be cooked on site as past events exspect more info to follow soon on this.

Running and use of all RCs is strictly only allowed within the marked track areas and no where else in or around the event grounds including the campsite or other areas of non dedicated RC track areas. This includes all areas of both fields, RC can only be run in the track area this is for your own safety and others around you. There will be no bashing/running outside of the tracks in any areas. we go to great length to setup and provide a safe running area for all, and with the increase in families at the event we wish to make it this event as safe as can be for all involved and attending, Thank you the BHBF Team.

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