This Page aims to answer some common questions about the event, if you still have questions please contact a member of staff, [email protected]

Q: What refreshment facility are there?
A: Onsite catering will be available and and very reasonably priced, so you may wish to save yourself the effort of cooking, also hot water will be available for making tea/coffee.

Q: Are BBQ’s allowed?
A: Yes but ‘off ground’ BBQ only but fresh cooked food will be available. NO OPEN FIRES WHAT SO EVER THO. Please have firefighting equipment (small extinguisher or fire blanket).
Please do not store used BBQs in a tent or other enclosed space.

Q: Are open fires allowed?
A: There is a designated fire area, which is where the main fire will be. NO other ‘camp fires’ are allowed what so ever.

Q: Are dogs allowed at the event?
A: We have decided to allow dogs at the event, but they must be kept on leads at all times.

Q: What toilet and washing facilities are there?
A: 3 Portaloos will be available for the event. No showers I’m afraid, There is clean running cold Water.

Q: Will there be a supply of cold drinking water?
A: Yes there will be.

Q:Are generators allowed?
A: Yes but please have all safety checks in place & small extinguisher or fire blanket.

Q: I don’t have a generator, but i need to charge my batteries etc?
A: There will be many people at the vent willing to share charging equipment so please ask around, if you are still stuck we can make power available for charging use, but please have your own charger to use as we can not supply this.

Q: Are Compressors allowed to clean RC vehicle?
A: Yes, same as generators, please make sure they are safe for use.

Q: Can we bring other on 1/5th RC vehicle?
A: Yes most more the better, every one is welcome. While the event was started with 1/5th in mind we do welcome any and all areas of the RC Community for the hole event time.

Q: Is there timing equipment at the event i love to see how fast i go?
A: Yes there will be, while this is aimed for event use only, we will try to make it available at all non use times for fun use, we all like to compete with our friends 🙂

Q: Do i need BRCA, BMFA or other insurance to attend.
A: At this current time its not required to attend but we do feel its a grate addition for any RC user to have as does insure you any where with the use of RC’s and does help the event organisers with insurance cover.
More info here, http://www.brca.org & http://www.bmfa.org

Q: I have a quadcopter or multi-rotor RC can i bring it and film or fly.
A: Sorry but we the staff at BHBF have decided its only correct to put a ban on such devices for every ones safety at the event.

if you are a company and wish to film with such a device at our event, then please contact us and we will be glad to talk about it Please note, we can not deal with such a request during the event running times.

Q:Do i need a remote kill Switch fitted to my RC car?
A: YES you do, we have made this a requirment for running any petrol RC car at our event (Nitro & electric need to have a working fail safe system that can control the car safly in the event of a failure). This will be checked by marshals at the event. This is for every ones safty attending the event.
This is a kill switch that can be operated remotly from the controller or if radio signal is lost the engine will be cut/stopped this is a seperate item from the kill switch found on petrol RC engines.